since 1997 of release

Repair and car operation

Foltsvagen Golf 4
- 1. Maintenance instruction
   - 1.1. Governing bodies, devices and equipment
      1.1.1. Control devices
      1.1.2. Control lamps
      1.1.3. The board computer with the multipurpose index
      1.1.4. Functioning control
      1.1.5. Violations of paramount importance (red pictograms)
      1.1.6. Violations of minor importance (yellow pictograms)
      1.1.7. Navigation system
      1.1.8. Keys
      + 1.1.9. Doors
      + 1.1.10. Central blocking of locks
      1.1.11. Security system of the alarm system
      1.1.12. Remote radio management of locks
      1.1.13. Unlocking and car locking
      + 1.1.14. Electrowindow regulators
      1.1.15. Elevating and movable panel of the hatch of a roof
      + 1.1.16. Switches and switches
      1.1.17. Podruleva switch of indexes of turn and light of headlights
      1.1.18. Internal lighting
      + 1.1.19. Screen wipers and stekloomyvatel
      1.1.20. Rear-view mirrors
      1.1.21. Heating of back glass
      1.1.22. Sun-protection peaks
      + 1.1.23. Forward seats
      1.1.24. Head restraints
      1.1.25. Armrests
      1.1.26. Heating of seats
      1.1.27. Adjustable steering column
      1.1.28. Fixing eyes
      1.1.29. Shelf of a luggage compartment
      1.1.30. Back many-placed seat
      1.1.31. Coasters
      1.1.32. Ashtrays
      + 1.1.33. Heating and ventilation
      1.1.34. Mechanical transmission
      + 1.1.35. Automatic transmission
      1.1.36. Parking brake
      + 1.1.37. Ignition lock
      + 1.1.38. Cruise control
      + 1.1.39. Inflatable safety cushions
      1.1.40. Fuelling
      + 1.1.41. Fuel
      + 1.1.42. Braking
      1.1.43. Protivobuksovochny system (EDS)
      1.1.44. Protivobuksovochny system with reduction of a torque (ASR)
      1.1.45. Amplifier of a wheel
      1.1.46. Cowl of a motor compartment
      + 1.1.47. Towing eyes
      1.1.48. Driving
   + 1.2. Weekly checks and service in a way
   + 1.3. Maintenance
+ 2. Engine
+ 3. Cooling system
+ 4. Fuel system
+ 5. Exhaust system
+ 6. Ventilation and heating system
+ 7. Coupling
+ 8. Transmission
+ 9. Suspension brackets and power shafts
+ 10. Steering
+ 11. Wheels and tires
+ 12. Brake system
+ 13. Body
+ 14. Electric equipment and electroschemes

1.1.40. Fuelling


The cover of the hatch of a toplivozalivny mouth will be unblocked by key pressing.

Unblocking can be carried out as well at the switched-off ignition.

The fuel jellied mouth is located sideways on the right side in a back part of the car.

After you opened a cover of the hatch of a toplivozalivny mouth, access to a stopper of a fuel tank is open.

The capacity of a fuel tank makes approximately the 55th liter.

As soon as the gun of the toplivorazdatochny column, which use it is offered legislative norms, will automatically stop supply of fuel, the fuel tank "is full". Therefore it is not necessary to try to add in it still fuels for the reserve space on a case of expansion of fuel in a tank in this case will be filled, and at temperature increase of external air fuel will pour out from a tank.

After filling a stopper of a jellied mouth it is necessary to wrap and close densely a hatch cover before its fixing.

Got on a body surface it is necessary to remove fuel immediately as otherwise under certain circumstances the paint and varnish covering of a body can be damaged. The paint and varnish covering can be especially strongly damaged at hit on it biodiesel fuel.

Never it is necessary to spend up to the end fuel from a fuel tank of the car equipped with catalytic converter. Because of possible thus unevenness of intake of fuel in the engine probably emergence of interruptions in its work that leads to hit of not burned down fuel in catalytic converter. It can become the reason of an overheat and the subsequent damage of catalytic converter.