since 1997 of release

Repair and car operation

Foltsvagen Golf 4
- 1. Maintenance instruction
   - 1.1. Governing bodies, devices and equipment
      1.1.1. Control devices
      1.1.2. Control lamps
      1.1.3. The board computer with the multipurpose index
      1.1.4. Functioning control
      1.1.5. Violations of paramount importance (red pictograms)
      1.1.6. Violations of minor importance (yellow pictograms)
      1.1.7. Navigation system
      1.1.8. Keys
      + 1.1.9. Doors
      + 1.1.10. Central blocking of locks
      1.1.11. Security system of the alarm system
      1.1.12. Remote radio management of locks
      1.1.13. Unlocking and car locking
      + 1.1.14. Electrowindow regulators
      1.1.15. Elevating and movable panel of the hatch of a roof
      + 1.1.16. Switches and switches
      1.1.17. Podruleva switch of indexes of turn and light of headlights
      1.1.18. Internal lighting
      + 1.1.19. Screen wipers and stekloomyvatel
      1.1.20. Rear-view mirrors
      1.1.21. Heating of back glass
      1.1.22. Sun-protection peaks
      + 1.1.23. Forward seats
      1.1.24. Head restraints
      1.1.25. Armrests
      1.1.26. Heating of seats
      1.1.27. Adjustable steering column
      1.1.28. Fixing eyes
      1.1.29. Shelf of a luggage compartment
      1.1.30. Back many-placed seat
      1.1.31. Coasters
      1.1.32. Ashtrays
      + 1.1.33. Heating and ventilation
      1.1.34. Mechanical transmission
      + 1.1.35. Automatic transmission
      1.1.36. Parking brake
      + 1.1.37. Ignition lock
      + 1.1.38. Cruise control
      + 1.1.39. Inflatable safety cushions
      1.1.40. Fuelling
      + 1.1.41. Fuel
      + 1.1.42. Braking
      1.1.43. Protivobuksovochny system (EDS)
      1.1.44. Protivobuksovochny system with reduction of a torque (ASR)
      1.1.45. Amplifier of a wheel
      1.1.46. Cowl of a motor compartment
      + 1.1.47. Towing eyes
      1.1.48. Driving
   + 1.2. Weekly checks and service in a way
   + 1.3. Maintenance
+ 2. Engine
+ 3. Cooling system
+ 4. Fuel system
+ 5. Exhaust system
+ 6. Ventilation and heating system
+ 7. Coupling
+ 8. Transmission
+ 9. Suspension brackets and power shafts
+ 10. Steering
+ 11. Wheels and tires
+ 12. Brake system
+ 13. Body
+ 14. Electric equipment and electroschemes

1.1.20. Rear-view mirrors


The provision of a mirror is established by the button A according to the directions of arrows.

L–left mirror;

About – installation;

R–right mirror.

Rear-view mirrors should be established before the trip beginning so that it was at any time possible to see a road situation behind the car.

Installation of an internal mirror

Manual installation of antiblinding situation
1. In a basic provision of a mirror the rychazhok from below mirrors should be directed forward.
2. For ensuring antiblinding effect it is necessary to move a rychazhok back.

Automatic creation of antiblinding effect

3. Installation of a mirror is made manually.
4. At the included ignition the internal mirror darkens when falling a light stream behind (for example, light of headlights), intensity of dimness depends on size of a light stream behind.
5. At inclusion of a reverse gear or transfer of the selector to "R" position the mirror is switched in a starting position (without antiblinding effect).

Installation of external mirrors without the electric drive

Installation of external mirrors from within without the electric drive is carried out manually by means of the button located in an upholstery of a door.

Installation of external mirrors with the electric drive

1. For installation of mirrors there is a rotary button.
2. The provision of a mirror is established by the button A according to the directions of arrows.
3. At failure of the electric drive it is possible to make installation of external mirrors manually by pressing on a mirror rim.

Synchronous installation of external mirrors

1. At first it is necessary to establish both mirrors in a starting position. For this purpose establish mirrors separately, at first left, then right as it is stated above.
2. After that it will be possible to establish at the same time both mirrors when you establish the left mirror
3. After certain time can become necessary again to bring both mirrors into a starting position.

Instructions on application of convex and asferichesky external rear-view mirrors

Convex rear-view mirrors increase a review field, thus subjects are represented in a reduced form. For this reason these mirrors only very conditionally suit a distance assessment to cars moving by a trace.

Asferichesky mirrors have a smooth surface of different curvature. These wide-angle mirrors increase a review field even more, than convex mirrors. They also only very restrictedly are suitable for a distance assessment to cars moving by a trace.

Heating of mirrors

Heating of external mirrors with the electric drive is carried out, while heating of back glass is included. Ignition should be included.

On the cars intended for export to the countries with a frigid climate, heating of external mirrors joins at installation of external mirrors by means of the electric drive.

Memory for external mirrors

Cars with memory for a seat of the driver have also memory for external mirrors.

Any established provision of external mirrors automatically is brought in a memory when storing adjustments of a seat of the driver.

Before it is necessary to adjust the provision of a seat of the driver. Then mirrors according to installation of a driver's seat are established.

Automatic installation of the right external mirror at movement by a backing

At inclusion of transfer of a backing the right external mirror automatically occupies in advance established situation if such situation was earlier established.

Thanks to it at a parking visibility of the right bordyurny stone is provided. The mirror comes back to normal situation as soon as backing transfer is switched off.

In advance established provision of the right external mirror for movement by a backing can be changed and brought according to specific features in memory.