since 1997 of release

Repair and car operation

Foltsvagen Golf 4
- 1. Maintenance instruction
   - 1.1. Governing bodies, devices and equipment
      1.1.1. Control devices
      1.1.2. Control lamps
      1.1.3. The board computer with the multipurpose index
      1.1.4. Functioning control
      1.1.5. Violations of paramount importance (red pictograms)
      1.1.6. Violations of minor importance (yellow pictograms)
      1.1.7. Navigation system
      1.1.8. Keys
      + 1.1.9. Doors
      + 1.1.10. Central blocking of locks
      1.1.11. Security system of the alarm system
      1.1.12. Remote radio management of locks
      1.1.13. Unlocking and car locking
      - 1.1.14. Electrowindow regulators Action of window regulators at the included ignition Action of window regulators at the switched-off ignition.
      1.1.15. Elevating and movable panel of the hatch of a roof
      + 1.1.16. Switches and switches
      1.1.17. Podruleva switch of indexes of turn and light of headlights
      1.1.18. Internal lighting
      + 1.1.19. Screen wipers and stekloomyvatel
      1.1.20. Rear-view mirrors
      1.1.21. Heating of back glass
      1.1.22. Sun-protection peaks
      + 1.1.23. Forward seats
      1.1.24. Head restraints
      1.1.25. Armrests
      1.1.26. Heating of seats
      1.1.27. Adjustable steering column
      1.1.28. Fixing eyes
      1.1.29. Shelf of a luggage compartment
      1.1.30. Back many-placed seat
      1.1.31. Coasters
      1.1.32. Ashtrays
      + 1.1.33. Heating and ventilation
      1.1.34. Mechanical transmission
      + 1.1.35. Automatic transmission
      1.1.36. Parking brake
      + 1.1.37. Ignition lock
      + 1.1.38. Cruise control
      + 1.1.39. Inflatable safety cushions
      1.1.40. Fuelling
      + 1.1.41. Fuel
      + 1.1.42. Braking
      1.1.43. Protivobuksovochny system (EDS)
      1.1.44. Protivobuksovochny system with reduction of a torque (ASR)
      1.1.45. Amplifier of a wheel
      1.1.46. Cowl of a motor compartment
      + 1.1.47. Towing eyes
      1.1.48. Driving
   + 1.2. Weekly checks and service in a way
   + 1.3. Maintenance
+ 2. Engine
+ 3. Cooling system
+ 4. Fuel system
+ 5. Exhaust system
+ 6. Ventilation and heating system
+ 7. Coupling
+ 8. Transmission
+ 9. Suspension brackets and power shafts
+ 10. Steering
+ 11. Wheels and tires
+ 12. Brake system
+ 13. Body
+ 14. Electric equipment and electroschemes

1.1.14. Electrowindow regulators


Switches are in an armrest of a door of the driver.

1–door of the driver;
2–door of the forward passenger;
3–safety switch;
4–back right door;
5–back left door

Switches for forward doors are executed by "two-level".

If the corresponding switch to press or extend before the first fixed situation, the forward window can be opened or closed by means of manual control.

If the switch quickly completely to press or extend before the second fixed situation, the corresponding forward window can be opened or closed automatically.

Besides, at doors of the forward passenger and in back doors additional switches for the corresponding windows are located.

By means of the safety switch 3 at doors of the driver electric drives of back window regulators can be disconnected.

Safety switch расфиксирован: switches in back doors are efficient.

The safety switch is fixed: switches in back doors are disconnected.

All electrowindow regulators are equipped with protection against an overload.

Window closing automatically stops, when on a way of movement of glass there is an obstacle. It, however, does not occur, when windows close outside by means of the ignition key – protection against an overload does not work.


When you leave the car at least for a while, surely take out a key from the ignition lock. Never there should be in the car children without supervision.

Electrowindow regulators do not work only when one of forward doors is open.

Be careful when closing doors. At inattentive or uncontrollable closing of windows possibly receiving bruises.

Nobody should be in the car closed outside, as in urgent cases it is impossible to open any of windows.