since 1997 of release

Repair and car operation

Foltsvagen Golf 4
+ 1. Maintenance instruction
+ 2. Engine
+ 3. Cooling system
+ 4. Fuel system
+ 5. Exhaust system
+ 6. Ventilation and heating system
+ 7. Coupling
+ 8. Transmission
- 9. Suspension brackets and power shafts
   + 9.1. Forward suspension bracket
   - 9.2. Back suspension bracket
      9.2.1. Removal and shock-absorber and spring installation
      9.2.2. Shock-absorber check
      9.2.3. Shock-absorber utilization
+ 10. Steering
+ 11. Wheels and tires
+ 12. Brake system
+ 13. Body
+ 14. Electric equipment and electroschemes

9.2.3. Shock-absorber utilization



Pressure of gas in the new gas-filled shock-absorber reaches the 25th bar therefore at utilization of the gas-filled shock-absorber be careful and use goggles.

To utilize the shock-absorber it is possible two methods: either having drilled an opening, or having cut the shock-absorber case.

Shock-absorber drilling

1. Fix the shock-absorber in a vice a rod down.
2. A drill in diameter of 3 mm drill an opening And in the shock-absorber case.


When drilling opening in the case of the gas-filled shock-absorber gas under pressure will come to light. At a gas make from the shock-absorber close an opening rags.

3. Continuing drilling, drill an internal pipe of the shock-absorber (about 25 mm).
4. Using a drill in diameter of 6 mm, drill the second opening In in the case and an internal pipe of the shock-absorber (see fig. above).
5. Establish under the shock-absorber the corresponding capacity and, moving a rod of the piston of the shock-absorber from an emphasis against the stop, squeeze out liquid from the shock-absorber.
6. After liquid plum from the shock-absorber it is possible to hand over the shock-absorber for processing.

Shock-absorber cutting

1. Fix the shock-absorber in vertical situation in a vice.
2. Establish on the top part of the case of the shock-absorber труборез and cut the shock-absorber case. Thus the gas-filled shock-absorber will not leave gas.
3. Take a shock-absorber rod up, thus hold an internal pipe of the shock-absorber in the shock-absorber case.
4. Take a shock-absorber rod from an internal pipe.
5. Merge liquid from the shock-absorber in the corresponding capacity.